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Depo: Solution to not being at home when parcel deliveries arrive

Not being at home when a parcel arrives is something that we are all too familiar with. Typically, in this situation couriers would leave a delivery note advising that the parcel has been returned to a delivery depot. Recipients are often required to inconveniently travel to collect it - defeating the purpose of Internet shopping. Depo aims to resolve this.

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The solution
  • Involves Internet connected Parcel Boxes being wall mounted to the outside of consumer's homes. By being connected to the Depo System database on the Internet, this product can validate whether or not it is expecting a given parcel before allowing a courier access to it.
  • On the courier-side, the dedicated Depo Barcode Reader would be supplied (cheaply) to them for participation in this system.
  • Upon delivery, a courier would scan a parcel's barcode using the Barcode Reader and then dock it on the user interface of the parcel destination Parcel Box. This activates the system and transfers the scanned barcode to the Parcel Box wirelessly. The Parcel Box is wired to the inside of a house leading to a Hub. This Hub contains a WiFi module which connects to the online Depo Service database for validating barcodes. The Parcel Box is unlocked accordingly.
  • As this is an electronic solution and where parcel barcodes are digitally validated before allowing access, this means that Depo can also safely sign-for parcels digitally.

This Concept is Patent Pending

Scenario: Couriers - At point of delivery
Depo Storyboard
Background: My major project

This was my major project for my degree. In the end, after much research in the field of postal delivery products and systems, the best solution involves existing infrastructure and system improvement. A wall mountable box based solution was the most appropriate to develop a foundation infrastructure to begin with before expansion.

Want to know more?

Please do not hesitate to contact me about this project - including if you are interested in developing this. More info about this project will also be gradually added. Please provide any feedback below.